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try to face it.
Sunday, August 21, 2011 , 0 Comment
Assalamualaikum .

Actually I'm very depressed lately.
Many allegations that I have to face it.
Especially Hari Raya, *gelak then my classmates not serious in their study. grrrr !
I feel like I want to scream loudly ! yes, I mean it.
Trying to be strong. 
Oh yaa , btw I'm very grateful because have Tan Yong De as my classmates.  
*gelak even he is 'insane' *gelak but he can make my stress gone , sometimes. *gelak
Lately I always stories about my study. *gelak. very annoying right ? Whatever.... End the story.


Today : Buka puasa with my besties di Hotel Seri Malaysia. We're loaded (haha) just kidding. Enjjjooooyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!

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