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I'm not ready yet !
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 , 0 Comment

First of all , gud luck to my friends for the SPM. 
Lately , I'm quite busy with my homework , a lot of excersice I need to do to success !
Every second is worth . Hence , i have to make sure that I will not waste my time.
I'm hope that all my friends and all SPM candidates will success in SPM .
I'm very afraid about my trial . Huarghh ! I can't face it. For now , just pray to ALLAH.
My confident level very low right now because to get A is difficult.
Just imagine 80 is A so what about A+? haha , 90 above is A+ not 85 anymore.
I hope that I got enough time to cover all the chapter in Form 5 and Form 4.
I can do it ! yeahhhh ! 

I hope that everything will be OK ! 
Wish me luck !

coretan AmyMina
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